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Hola, let’s begin with introducing myself. I am Valentin from Germany and I have 21 years old. I study International Management in Munich and doing my Erasmus year here in Valencia. There are several reasons which lead together and they make the conclusion for which I chose Valencia as my destination for my year abroad.

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Why Valencia as the destiny of my Erasmus semester?

Since I am studying International Management in Germany, I had to take another language besides English. From out of the three options I could chose,  I liked Spanish the best. Furthermore, I went to study in the USA when I was 15. After that year and knowing about my improvement of studies I told to myself that I will never learn a new language without studying or living in this country in order to speak it properly. And since I chose Spanish in my university, the direction to head to Spain in my fourth semester was complete.

But I have another passion which I have to bring into my thoughts of studying abroad. I do love Kiteboarding and in order to do it I need a sea, ocean or just any kind of water to ride. So to summarize it quickly, I chose Spain because of learning the language and having a city nearby the water. Looking at the map and knowing our partner universities I just had two towns in mind which would be Barcelona and Valencia. I said to myself that Barcelona is more the touristic city where Valencia is still the neat town where everything just adds together. This is basically the reason why I chose Valencia for my studies in the Erasmus semester.

Erasmus at the Faculty of Economics of UCV

Since we have three partner universities in Valencia I was able to choose by myself at which one I want to study. I have to say the other two looked beautiful too but I just liked UCV the best. The reason for this is probably their features online, their structure and just the perfect communication and open mind if I need something.

I have heard from some friends that Valencia is such a beautiful city and they loved their stayng here. So combining all those thoughts it came to Valencia with big expectations about the city, the university and the people. I came to Valencia one week before the semester started because I wanted to explore the city and the surroundings before everything gets started and I need to focus on my studies and learning Spanish. My high expectations of the city, school and people were outmatched because I would have never thought that I liked the city that much.

The people are friendly to me and are willing to help me if I need something. Also the university just looks beautiful from the inside with the church in the building.

I just love the place

The professors are also willing to help me as a foreign student if I don’t understand something in their classes because I don’t have every class in English. I also like the town and all the different spots where you can see how the town grew over the past years and what happened to it meanings with the history. I even went kiteboarding once already and that was in January. Never been that early on the board.

Just with being here a few weeks I would recommend any Erasmus student to come to Valencia in the first place and also study at the Catholic University of Valencia and making it the best semester that you could imagine.








Text and photos: Valentin, Erasmus Student from International Management, Munich (Germany).

Muchas gracias Valentin! Que te vaya bien el semestre en nuestra Facultad!

 Si quieres leer este artículo en español, haz click aquí.  

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