Erasmus en la Facultad de Economia de la UCV

Hello, my name is Manon. I have twenty one years old. I’m from France. I’ll tell you my first experience in the “Erasmus Student Life”. I was at the Universidad Católica de Valencia for 6 months and I studied Business and Management.

Since I was young I really like to travel. I visited Scotland, England, Italy, Monaco, and Spain. During my studies I had the opportunities to go outside, to discover another culture. So being an Erasmus Student it was a very good opportunity for me.

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This is the reason why I have chosen the Universidad Católica de Valencia because I could follow the classes in English and I can improve my Spanish too. I really love Spain and Valencia is a big city, with an important Erasmus Community. There is also a beatiful beach and great weather. So it’s the perfect city to live during my studies.

During the first day I visited this amazing city I was surprise by the buildings, there are very beautiful. I’ve never seen a city with architecture like that. I really fall in love of that city. I went to the City of Arts and Science and then, to the beach. This was  wonderful. Furthermore the building of University is very beautiful.

And I was right because my Erasmus Experience was amazing. I really enjoy my semester in the Universidad Católica de Valencia. I want to thank all my professors for all helping in all activities. I really enjoyed my course here. I have chosen Business English, Business English certificate, Estrategia de Crecimientos and el Trabajo de Fin de Grado.

For the Erasmus life I subscript to Erasmus Life and Erasmus VIP, there are two associations who help Erasmus student and who organize trips and events.  With those two associations I went for example to some Erasmus party, a boat party, Alicante, Sagunto.

Now I will tell you all the things I did in Valencia:

  • I met a lot of people and made new friends. I really like speaking with people from everywhere.
  • I am very happy to succeed my semester.
  • I ate the Valencia’s specialties (like arroz al horno, paella Valenciana).
  • I went to Ibiza and Formentera.
  • I had a wonderful time with my friend in Valencia and Alicante.
  • I improved my level of English and Spanish.
  • I learnt salsa.
  • I went to Port Aventura.
  • I visited all important sights of Valencia (Turia, city of science, Plaza de la Virgen, Plaza de la Reina…)
  • I visited Alicante, Vinaros, Sagunto, Port Saplaya, Montanejos, Malaga.
  • I was really happy to participate las Fallas.
  • I participated at Holi Run and it was really fun.
  • And I lived an amazing experience.

I want to thank all professors and friends who were part of my amazing experience. Without them my experience would have been different. I am very sad to leave Valencia. Hope to see the friends I have met here soon,

Thank you for everything! 


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Read another story about Eramus life at Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, at UCV here. 

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