Erasmus in Spain – I chose Catholic University of Valencia

Erasmus in Spain student in Valencia

Hola everyone,

In this post I am going to cover all those questions that people I recently met asked me. But before I begin, let me introduce myself. I am Bianka, a Hungarian student who actually studies at a Danish university.

In Denmark my faculty is called Business English and IT-based Marketing Communication, so my main subjects are business language, marketing, communication and graphic design.

At the moment, I am spending my 6th semester at Universidad Católica de Valencia at two departments: Administración y Dirección de Empresas (ADE) and Multimedia y Artes Digitales (MAD).

Different culture, new experience and lots of friendly people aka how is it to be an Erasmus student in Valencia? From the beginning, the first thing I realized that Spanish people are very kind, friendly and helpful.

Regarding the mentality, the culture and the habits of people, Spain is very different from Denmark and from Hungary too. So far I really like being in Valencia, in Spain because I love meeting with various people from all around the world and get to know as many cultures as I can.

That is the main reason why I applied for the Erasmus semester in Valencia. Moreover, during my high school I studied Spanish for some years and now I finally have the opportunity to perfect my knowledge.

 Why did I choose Spain, Valencia as the place to continue my studies? How do I like the new culture?

There are always strange facts for a foreigner to discover in another culture.

  • For instance when you meet with new people handshakes are not appreciated, kisses and hugs are the way to welcome each other.
  • The other interesting thing is concerning the public transportation, the local buses.When the bus you would like to get on comes, you have to wave to the driver in order to stop the vehicle at your bus stop. If you do not wave, the chauffer just continues its way.
  • Furthermore, compared to Denmark, Spanish people do not really speak English, thus it might be a positive and negative point as well.
  • Foreigners are kind of forced to speak in Spanish; due to this it is easier to learn the language. Although, I know it is very hard for the first time, but Spanish people are patient and they try to help you if you are not able to express yourself.

I already enjoy my time in Valencia with lots of lovely Erasmus and Spanish people, getting to know the Spanish lifestyle better and trying different delicious dishes.

On the other hand, I have few fears about understanding my subjects in Spanish. Right now this is a big challenge for me; I do really hope that soon I will not have any.

Thank you Biank for sharing your experience with us.

Muchas gracias Bianka por compatir tu experiencia con nosotros! En algunos días, podrás encontrar el artículo en español.


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