Experiencia IN – Sini Sommarberg

The practical training in the hospital Casa de Salud

Today we have the incoming experience of Sini Sommarberg , from JAMK University of Applied Sceinces (Finnland),  who was doing her practical training in the Hospital Casa de Salud.


I am very happy to have had the opportunity to do my practical training in Valencia and in Spanish. People in the hospital have been so friendly and helpful. Many patients were interested in my origin because I spoke Spanish but I didn´t look like typical Spanish lady.

I hope I have given a positive picture of me to the personnel and the patients to the hospital. According to the things patients told me, it is very important that nurses and doctors are friendly, helpful and trustworthy – I do my best to be a nurse like that. I love Spanish language, sunny Valencia and Spain. I have learned a lot about nursing, Spanish and about me as well. There are no words to describe all this I have experienced. Thank you for everything Universidad Católica de Valencia, Casa de Salud and the people I met! I am so happy to have had this exchange opportunity! This picture is taken the last day of my practice – you might see a tear in my eye. It´s emotional to leave all this behind -in the memories.


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