Demi Verbist, alumna de Thomas More Mechelen (Bélgica), ha realizado asignaturas y prácticas del grado de Ed. Primaria y también ha participado en nuestra International Comenius Week. Ha sido un intercambio muy completo. A continuación su experiencia:

Comenius Week

Comenius Week

Exchange at UCV

The last 4 months I spend in Valencia for my Erasmus. During this Erasmus I went to UCV. Now the last days are coming, I can say I had a lovely time in Valencia. Of course it is a beautiful city that I enjoyed a lot, but as well my time at the university was a lovely experience.


In the beginning  I was welcomed very good by the international coordinator. I missed the first opening days because I was still in Belgium, but that was not a problem at all. When I arrived, I still got a warm welcome. The international coordinator really did everything she could to make us feel comfortable. We had a lot of input by choosing our courses and timetable and that was really nice. It was not only the international coordinator but as well all our teachers that were very lovely. I was surprised because of their enthusiasm. From the start, they did everything to help us, to understand us and to involve us with everything. I can’t say a negative thing about my experience at the university.

Clase de expresión corporal

Clase de expresión corporal

I want to thank you a lot for the opportunity that I got at your university! It was an amazing time!


Muchas gracias a ti Demi!! Te deseamos lo mejor en tu futuro!

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