Experience of Nediljka Marić and Petra Krčelić

Nediljka Marić and Petra Krčelić, professors of the University of Applied Science Baltazar Zaprešić share with us their experience in our Business Faculty.

“We are pleased to have chosen your University for our Erasmus+ staff mobility as it offered us a great opportunity for professional development  as well as for establishing new contacts and strengthening our current cooperation. By participating in teaching assignments we were able to share our knowledge, experience and skills with students immersed in different educational systems and cultures. It was a great thing, for Petra and me to see that our teaching methods are well accepted and appreciated by young people who are used to doing things differently (here I have in mind the International class where we delivered our first lecture). This kind of experience, to put it figuratively, “gives you wings” and make you wish to be even better in what you are doing for a living. As teachers, could we wish for more?

Nediljka Marić and Petra Krčelić with students

Since the programe is not only intended for the professional development of the teachers who are directly involved in it, my colleague and I are absolutely ready and willing to share the benefits and the knowledge gained from this mobility with our colleagues. In our school, in the recent years a practice has bee set up – upon completing Erasmus+ mobility in different countries, the participants gather and share their experiences and in this way they contribute to the wider internationalization and modernization of our home University .”



Prof. Andreea Apetrei with Prof. Nediljka Marić and Prof. Petra Krčelić


Prof. Andreea Apetrei with Prof. Nediljka Marić and Prof. Petra Krčelić

Thank you Nediljka Marić and Petra Krčelić for visiting our university and we hope to see you soon!
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