Welcome Day 1st semester 16/17

Students of the UCV, hosts around 400 university foreign students during their visit to Valencia.

Universidad Católica de Valencia San Vicente Mártir (UCV) raises for another year the number of foreign students due to the exchange programs such as Eramus, Mundus and US Program, also different arrangements with various universities around the world. In the course of 2016-2017, UCV is going to receive around 400 students from 27 different countries.


This Monday at UCV, 260 foreign students had the chance to be part of the “Welcome Day” that is also linked to the “Buddy Program”.  This initiative was thought so every exchange student can have the companion of a local student of Valencia, helping them to ease their arrival at Valencia, and giving them information about the culture and the city during their stay.


Isabel Muñoz, the vice rector of research, development and innovation and international relations, have welcomed to the Universidad Católica de Valencia all the foreign students. The department of International Relations, account that the increase of the number of students coming to the UCV, demonstrates the work to make this university the top choice between the other European, and American universities; also is looking forward to increase the amount of students coming from Asia.


The main reason the foreign students are choosing UCV to enrich their careers, is the personalized treatment the university provides to them. This warm treatment gets to the heart of every student, and at the moment they go back home, their stories are “very positive”, this incentives other students to make UCV their second home.  The university is happy to announce that for the first time it has received students from Kanawaga (Japan), Perugia and Pisa (Italy), Coimbra (Portugal), Cobleskill (United States), and Hanyang (South Korea).

Speaking at the Welcome Day, the vice rector for Research wished to foreign students who stay at the UCV a “full experience”, which give them the chance to expand their studies, make new friends – “family and friends are everything, so try to do some that last for life “- and enjoy the “beautiful” city Valencia.

“From now on this is your home, and you are students of the UCV and your problems, joys and concerns are also ours. Prepare for this semester, I’m sure you will never forget” she asserted.


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