Today, we are presentig the experience of the Erasmus student Aaricia Dubois, from Thomas More University, in Belgium. She is studying during the second semester at UCV, specifically the Education degree. She sends us this beautiful pictures and tells us her experience!





“In the beginning everything was very uncertain because of Covid. We did not know whether we would be allowed to leave and whether this was actually going to be safe. Eventually we were allowed to leave and everything went very safely.




It took me several weeks to believe that I was in Spain for 4 months. It always seemed so far away and all of a sudden I was here. The lessons started soon, we received them in English and Spanish. This has given my talent for languages ​​a serious boost. I took Spanish at level A1, because I couldn’t do this very well. I not only took classes here, but also did an internship.


This was in a kindergarten within walking distance of the apartment we stayed in. Here I had to help teach the children English or learn to write the letters. In the beginning this was difficult because my teacher couldn’t speak English and I couldn’t speak Spanish. After a while I got the hang of it well and we were able to communicate with each other in small steps. I also planned relaxation moments in between classes and internship. For example, we went with ErasmusLife to Altea, Montanejos and much more. The beach was also a warm place to relax.”





Thank you very much Aaricia for sending us your experience and sharing it with all of us! We wish you good luck in your future!

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