Experiencia IN – Henrik Tislevold

Today we have the incoming experience of Henrik Tislevold , from Buskerud and Vestfold University College (Noruega),  who is doing his Erasmus+ mobility at the UCV.


I´m a Norwegian student who came to Valencia trough Erasmus+, and chose to study one semester at UCV in Valencia. I’m studying for a teacher’s degree in Norway. This semester all my subjects is sports related, but can as well be used in physical education.


The exchange experience has so far been interesting in a professional way to get insight in the international aspects of my working field. I get to see how the science on the field is similar, but in some ways also different from my own country.


It’s very nice to have the chance to study at UCV, a smaller university in Valencia. I feel that the professors and the staff in administration really see me, recognize me, and tries hard to make things as smooth as possible for their students. I felt welcome from the first day.


On your free time, the city of Valencia has a lot of opportunities to do whatever to enjoy. You can either work out in the amazing Turia park, or attend social activities with student organizations or sports activities! Personally I like the social part, also going on daytrips to surrounding locations. This gives more relationships to other students, and also I get to see what Spain can offer outside the city.


I knew some Spanish before I came to Valencia, but I was far from fluent. The university offers free Spanish classes for all the international students. This gives me the chance to learn, and develop my language skills. Also most of my lectures is in Spanish, so that really boost my need to understand and express myself in a new language.
Before I came to Valencia I couldn´t imagine how it would be. I had no idea that it would captured my heart like it has! The people I meet, the experiences I made, and the knowledge I learn will stay with me rest of life.

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