2nd International Conference of Football: Training methods and Social Issues

Last week the Catholic University of Valencia and University  and the College of Southeast Norway, organised the international conference “International Conference of Football: Training Methods and Social Issues”.


The conference aims to consolidate and to promote the exchange of experience and knowledge of football, in the interrelated fields of theory, teaching, training and research. In this second edition of the conference, students  met and engaged with professors, researchers and football professionals from several countries (Spain, Norway, Iceland, Brazil, England, Wales, Italy, Scotland and France) who are experts in training and teaching football at different levels.



Students, Coaches, Sport Scientists, Sport Psychologists, Sport Sociologists, Tactical Analysts, Journalists, and anyone interested in a holistic understanding of the game.



Name Afiliation Country
Richard Giulianotti Loughborough University and Univ. College of Southeast Norway United Kingdom
Óscar Fernández Head Coach Atlético de Madrid CF B Spain
Robyn Jones University of Wales and University College of Southeast Norway Wales
Isaac Oriol Guerrero Technical Director of FC Barcelona Escola Spain
William G.Taylor Manchester Metropolitan University United Kingdom
Antonio Solana Head of Methodology Sevilla FC and Universidad Pablo de Olavide Spain
Ramón Llopis Goig University of Valencia Spain
Hassane Zouhal University of Rennes 2 France
Marco Machado Universidade Iguaçu – Campus V at Itaperuna Brazil
Arve Hjelseth Norwegian University of Science and Technology Norway
Vidar Halldorsson University of Iceland Iceland
Ángel Aceña Sport Scientist Sevilla FC Spain
Joaquín Navarro F11 Coordinator Levante UD Academy Spain
Antonio Tessitore University of Rome Foro Italico Italy
Pablo Honrubia Functional Recovery Coach Levante UD Spain
Sergio Navarro Head of Department of Methodology Villarreal CF Spain
Antonio Hernández Department of Methodology, Gloval Academy, Valencia CF Spain
Craig Winstanley University Centre Doncaster & Barnsley FC United Kingdom
Urko Cherta Department of Methodology, GloVal Academy, Valencia CF Spain
Enrique Parra F8 Coordinator Villarreal CF Spain
Pascual Casañ Catholic University of Valencia Spain
Hans K. Hognestad University College of Southeast Norway Norway
Alessio Lisci Coach Levante UD Academy Spain
Pål Ødegård Freelance Sport Journalist Norway
Eraci Drehmer Catholic University of Valencia Spain
Eduardo Morello Head of Department of Psychology Villarreal CF Spain
Even S. Wergeland Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences Norway
Florentino Huertas Catholic University of Valencia Spain
Frode Telseth University College of Southeast Norway Norway
Rafael Ballester Catholic University of Valencia Spain






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