BIP’s en la UCV

The UCV has organised 2 Blended Intensive Programme (BIP) during the last week of October: BIP in Internationalisation and Interculturality, and BIP in Healthy Aging and Sustainable Development Goals.

These trainings are short-term physical mobilities (between 5 and 30 days) abroad, with a compulsory virtual component, and has a minimum of 3 ECTS. It represent a pioneering approach to education, offering an innovative and highly recognized learning experience. This unique programme seamlessly combines the best of in-person and online education, creating a dynamic and flexible environment for students.

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BIP in Internationalisation and Interculturality

Organised by the International Relations Office for university staff involve in international and external relations, aiming to provide them with the tools and real case examples of internationalisation actions and how to work effectively in intercultural work environments.

MicrosoftTeams-image (207)-compressed MicrosoftTeams-image (196)-compressed  MicrosoftTeams-image (201) MicrosoftTeams-image (209)-compressedThe programme included online sessions, physical session in Valencia, a showcase of the International Days, where participants promote their institution and also learnt about the actions to internationalise a university with several locations. During the week related cultural activities were done such as old town tour and typical food tasting.

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BIP in Healthy Aging and Sustainable Development Goals

Organised by the Faculty of Psychology, this training aimed to educate regarding health ageing and how to care for the well-being which ultimately leads to a happier life. Having a healthy brain is vital for optimal cognitive functioning, learning, and memory. Therefore, teaching about brain health enhances students’ ability to concentrate, focus, and remember information, positively impacting their academic performance.

The programme included a campus tour, the laboratories and the innovative UCV Virtual Hospital, interactive sessions, and cultural activities such as paella tasting and a cathedral visit.

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Through this innovative training, UCV equips its academic and administrative staff with the knowledge, tools, and competencies necessary to excel in their roles. The university’s forward-thinking approach positions it as a pioneer in providing ongoing education and skill enhancement to its personnel, contributing to the university’s reputation for innovation and recognition in the field of higher education.

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