All in all I think Valencia is a fantastic city, full of posibilities ad activities

Janka CSENKI shares with us his experience at the UCV studying Psychology:

I am from Hungary. I spent one semester, in the autumn season, at UCV studying psychology. I study psychology at my home university as well, but I tryed to find different courses, that I can’t at home. It wasn’t difficult at all, I was quite amazed by the list of courses the UCV offered. I studied in a spanish-englis bilingual class in high school, so I took 3 courses in spanish and one in english: Intervención psicosocial en catástrofes y emergencias, Psicología de la delincuencia, Psicopatología Infanto-juvenil and Sport and exercise psychology.


At the begining it was difficult to understand the professors speaking in spanish, but I could get used to it pretty fast and all of them talked in a really understandable way. I loved these classes and the topycs, I could get a new perspective of my field of study. And the professors were friendly and talked about their own experiences as examples, also helped a lot when I had some questions or I couldn’t understand something.


All in all I think Valencia is a fantastic city, full of posibilities ad activities. I never got bored there. The ESN also organized many programs (for eg. art in the park, european dinner, thanks giving, trips, etc.) where I could meet a lot of exchange students from many different countries, I met the most of my friends during these events. And local people were extreamly friendly and caring compared to hungarians, which was a fantastic experience for me. I loved the spanish pace and the view of life which was really free, energetic and calm at the same time.



Also for me Valencia was the biggest city I’ve ever lived, however, I never felt that it is too busy or crowded. I loved the squares and parks and the beach where I could do any kind of outdoor activities like running, reading, studying, swimming, playing beach volleyball.


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