Welcome Day 2º Term

Welcome Day,  Tuesday 24th January at st Ursula.

The incoming students came within the framework of programmes: Erasmus+, Mundus and Sicue.

During this semester 141 students will be arriving of all degrees;  Business, sports science, biotechnology, veterinary medicine, law, medicine, primary education, psychology, dentistry, podiatry, pedagogy, child education, nursing, physiotherapy, economic management – Financial, speech therapy, Marine Sciences and multimedia.

The countries of origin of these students were:

– Germany, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Slovakia, United States of America, the Philippines, Finland, France, Holland, Italy, South Korea, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Romania and Switzerland.


Yesterday we had the collaboration of the centre for languages, sport service, and the mates of buddy program, which will be in the information points to provide information and respond to incoming students.

In an event held in the aula magna of Saint Ursula, our university welcomed the students of International Mobility Erasmus and Mundus who will share this academic year 16-17 studies with us.

International Coordinators of the different degrees presented and welcomed the different students who will receive classes in our university.

We hope they enjoy the best academic experience of their lives!


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